Event Planning

Meeting & Event Planning

Word*Art Solutions can assemble a team of professional meeting and event planners to help you organize, promote, operate, and enjoy your next event. We have produced meetings big and small, from association gatherings to non-profit awards and charity galas.

Word*Art Solutions offers professional planning services for events such as:

  • Awards presentations, corporate, or association meetings
  • Product launches
  • Educational seminars and conferences
  • Charity events and fundraisers
  • Incentive programs
  • Site selection
  • Online registration
  • Onsite operations
  • Creation of audio/visual graphics and presentations

Incentive Travel Programs

Let  us work with your marketing team to design and deliver a travel awards program for your top producers or most loyal customers. Exclusive travel destinations, tours, and activities comprise the most exciting of all business incentives. Travel earned from top performance should be more than a golden carrot held before competitors. A well-designed program provides attendees with bragging rights to the finest accommodations, events, activities, and dining experiences.

Your incentive program may be years in the making, but development begins now. It takes more than planning, it takes precision.

  • It's about prestige--being part of an exclusive group.
  • It's about achievement--surpassing one's goals.
  • It's about recognition--receiving praise well earned.
  • It's about making memories--for now and for the future.
  • It's about increasing ROI--incentive travel is a proven winner.

Contact us for more information about group travel and event planning services.