Publishing Solutions

Publishing Solutions

The digital revolution has forever changed the publishing industry. Publicizing books is easier and less costly than ever before. Authors are no longer at the mercy of gatekeepers who select only those works which conform to their standards or exploit a trend.

Word*Art Solutions understands what an author needs to go from printed to published. We can assist with full-service publishing packages, to publicity and social media marketing representation, to graphic design of book interiors and covers, to web site design and maintenance.

Editing Services

The first thing a book needs, no matter how well written, is a fresh pair of eyes to read it for errors in spelling, grammar and publishing style consistency. Serious editing separates the professionals from the amateurs. We can provide editing of your manuscript in all stages, from developmental editing, to copy editing, to proofreading.

Sarah's SacrificeBook Design & Formatting

As much as we resist the urge to judge a book by its cover, everyone does it. Many self-published books are instantly dismissed by critics and readers because of schlocky cover design. Readers will give up on books that are hard to read because of awkward interior text design. Word*Art Solutions can give you the creative edge inside and outside your book in both print and digital formats.

  • Mobi--Amazon Kindle formatting
  • ePub--Nook, Sony, iOS, Kobo Android

Publicity and Marketing

Every author wants readers. A book can be printed either digitally or traditionally, but if no one finds it, the book is never read. We can help you build a marketing plan prior to publishing your book, or we can work with you to revive sales for a title after it's been published. We offer marketing, public relations and social media packages with a la carte services or packaged together for value.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you achieve your writing and publishing goals.